WISCERS 2020/2021 Cohort

WISCERS Students:

Cathy Cao

I'm a sophomore from Princeton, NJ. I'm currently pursuing degrees in computer science and data science, and I am interested in machine learning. I'm an avid Pokémon Go player and also love to talk about houseplants!

Quinn Cassidy

My name is Quinn Cassidy, I'm a junior from Connecticut majoring in Computer Science and pursuing a certificate in both Archaeology and Graphic Design. I'm interested in front end web development and security. A fun fact about me is that I'm on the UW Ski Team!

Binhao Chen

Hi there, this is Binhao Chen, coming from a plateau city in western China. Before transferring to UW-Madison, I did two years of undergrad studies in business management in Hong Kong. I am now a junior majoring in mathematics, statistics, and computer sciences. I have broad research interests in mathematical optimization and theoretical foundations for machine learning.

Yumian Cui

My name is Yumian Cui. I'm from China and I'm an Econ (Math emphasis) & Data Science junior at UW-Madison (also pursuing a CS certificate.) My current interests lie primarily within machine/deep learning, concerning fields like Human-Computer Interaction. As an aspiring data scientist, I enjoy thinking about interdisciplinary problems.

Sakuni Egodawatte

I'm a junior from Naperville, Illinois, studying Computer Sciences and Linguistics. A topic that I hope to study in-depth in the future is computational linguistics, but I am also interested in AI and human-computer interaction. One of my hobbies is playing the banjo (poorly).

Anjali Gali

My name is Anjali Gali, and I'm from Hyderabad, India. I am a current Junior majoring in Computer Science. I am interested in VR/AR, and I'm excited to explore new ways to use and improve the existing technologies. I'm always down to talk about digital art, especially 3D Modeling!

Samika Gupta

I am a Junior standing Computer Science and Data Science major with a certificate in Environmental Studies. I am extremely interested in Data Science. I am from the Greater Seattle Area and my hobbies include pottery/ceramics and reading books.

Lingzheng He

I am a Junior majoring in Computer Science and Sociology. I have a cat named Waffle. I am very excited to explore different CS topics at WISCERS!

Sheriff Issaka

Sheriff M. Issaka is a King Morgridge Scholar and a Junior at the University of Wisconsin Madison. He is a Computer Science student with certificates in African Studies and Entrepreneurship. Sheriff is an AI enthusiast and researcher; his current AI research includes evaluating AI use in Africa and using ML to predict feed efficiency in cows.

Mina Kim

I’m a computer science major from Minnesota interested in the relationship between technology and medicine, education, and communication. Topics of interests include but are not limited to natural language processing, software engineering, bioinformatics, and human-computer interaction. In my free time, I love reading and playing the flute.

Nicholas Kuzoff

Hi, I'm Nick and I'm a sophomore from Whitewater, WI, studying computer science, economics, and philosophy. My interests in CS include machine learning, optimization, and algorithmic game theory, and some of my hobbies outside of CS include drumming, chess, and playing guitar.

Lynn Liu

This is Shu (or Lynn) Liu, coming from a tropical island (Hainan) located in the southernmost point of China. I'm a junior majoring in computer science, math and statistics in L&S Honors Program. I'm generally interested in system and particularly its intersection with machine learning. I'm a big fan of FC Bayern, a runner, a book lover, and a hobbyist photographer :)

Emma Liu

Hello! I am a rising senior studying in Computer Science and Art at UW-Madison. I'm mainly interested in robotics, computer vision, computer graphics, brain-computer interface, but I am still exploring! Fun fact: I am currently learning to rig live2D models for VTubers and build 3D models in blender.

Alexander Moon

My name is Alex Moon and I'm a junior studying computer science and math. I enjoy studying algorithms, particularly ones to do with graphs. I also like to play piano, though the piano at home isn't quite as nice as the ones at UW.

Jessica So

Hello, I'm Jessica! I'm a junior studying Computer Science here at UW-Madison. I'm particularly interested in the combination of computer graphics and machine learning.

David Wang Wang

I am David Wang, a 3rd year international student from Lima, Peru, majoring in both electrical engineering and computer sciences. Currently I am interested in artificial intelligence and computer architecture, but I would love to know more about OS and compilers.

Elaine Wu

I am a third-year Computer Science and Mathematics student. I transferred here in 2019 from China. My interesting areas are Machine Learning, AI, Security, and Robotics.

Ruisu Zhang

This is Ruisu. I'm from Kunming, a city in southwestern China. As a senior in Computer Science and Psychology, I’m interested in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, generally including fundamental theories and human-centered applications. Fun fact: I used to think of being a therapist and was once an undergrad RA in a psychiatric lab – of course my plan has changed now!

Noah Zurn

Hi! I'm Noah and I'm a junior from Minneapolis, Minnesota studying Computer Sciences. I'm particularly interested in Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering, as well as the broader picture of how computers work. A fun fact about me: I love making music! I play guitar, drums, harmonica, and a few others.

Google Program Advisor:

Senior Research Scientist, Ethical AI Team, Google

2020/2021 program advisor

Faculty Mentors (2020/2021 Cohort):

Aditya Akella,

Networking & Systems

Aws Albarghouthi,

Program Verification and Synthesis

Cecile Ane,

Statistical and Computational Methods for Biology

Remzi Arpaci-Dusseau,

Systems (Operating Systems & Storage Systems)

Suman Banerjee,

Mobile & Wireless Networking

Rahul Chatterjee,

Security & Privacy

Ilias Diakonikolas

Theory of Computing, Theory of Machine Learning

Michael Ferris,


Earlence Fernandes,

Security & Privacy

Nicolas Garcia Trillos,

Calculus of Variations and PDEs, Optimal Transport, Manifold Learning

Michael Gleicher,

Data Visualization, Robotics, Graphics

Yea-Seul Kim,

HCI & Visualization

Paris Koutris,


Keith Levin,

Network Analysis

Bilge Mutlu,

Robotics & HCI

Vivak Patel,

Statistics and Numerical Optimization

Michael Swift,

Systems & Networking

Swamit Tannu,

Quantum Computing, Cryogenic Hardware

Shivaram Venkataraman

Systems, Machine Learning

Graduate Student Mentors (2020/2021 Cohort):

Jialu Bao,

Programming Languages

Alexi Brooks,

Learning in Social Media

Varun Chadha,


Dandi Chen,

Health informatics, ML, NLP, Computer vision

Junda Chen,

Database Systems

Erika Da-Inn Lee,

Computational Biology

Evangelia Gergatsouli,

Theory & Algorithms

Sangeetha Grama Srinivasan,

Computer Graphics (Physics-based Simulation)

Konstantinos Kanellis,

Computer Systems/Databases

Sourav Pal,

Machine Learning & Computer Vision

Yuvraj Patel,

Concurrency, Operating Systems, Security & Storage

Ankit Pensia,

Learning Theory & Statistics

Harsh Rawat,

Systems & Machine Learning

Suryadev Sahadevan Rajesh,

Database Systems

Nathaniel Sauerberg,

Algorithms & Algorithmic Game Theory

Vedang Sharma,

Big Data Systems, Distributed Systems, and Cloud Computing

Zhenmei Shi,

Machine Learning and Computer Vision

Harit Vishwakarma,

Machine Learning

Jinman Zhao,

Machine Learning, Big Code, NLP