Wisconsin Science and Computing

Emerging Research Stars (WISCERS)

A research-focused mentorship program for undergraduate students

About the WISCERS Program

WISCERS program is a new mentorship program focused on fostering research participation among undergraduate students at UW-Madison. This program will expose students to research areas in Computer Science, Statistics, and Data Science, facilitate peer mentorship from graduate students working in different areas, and match students with faculty for summer research internships. Our broad goal is to encourage undergraduate students to apply for research-based graduate programs and specifically help support students from historically underrepresented groups in computing.

This program is partially funded by an exploreCSR award from Google.

CS Research Workshops

The program will feature a kick-off workshop that will include a research showcase by UW faculty and presentations on pursuing graduate studies.

Research Internships

The program will match students with faculty for summer internships, based on their expressed research interest(s).

Peer & Faculty Mentoring

Students will be paired with graduate student peer-mentors and faculty mentors with whom they will be expected to meet on a regular basis (weekly or biweekly).

Monthly Events

In collaboration with WACM and SACM, we will hold monthly events that will help students build a community.

Applications for Spring 2022 are now open! Click here to apply!


Program Leaders:

Assistant professor, CS department

Assistant professor, CS department


Remzi Arpaci-Dusseau

Professor and department chair

Department of Computer Sciences

Michael Swift

Professor and diversity committee chair Department of Computer Sciences

Suzanne Swift

Director of Marketing, Communications & Inclusion
School of Computer, Data and Information Sciences

Partnering Student Groups:


A UW-Madison student chapter of ACM-W.


A UW-Madison student chapter of ACM.


  • What are the eligibility requirements for this program?

This program is applicable to students who will be graduating in Spring 2023 (i.e., are currently juniors in 4-year programs or sophomores in 3-year programs). We may consider students at other seniority levels on an exceptional basis. This program is primarily intended to increase research participation among students from historically underrepresented groups in computing (in terms of, e.g., gender, race, and socio-economic status), and students from these groups will be given priority in the selection process.

  • Is this program only about computer science? Would you consider students from other majors?

Our focus is on computer science and related areas, such as computer engineering, statistics, information science, and data science. We will consider students from all majors relevant to these areas. We will also consider students from other majors if they show promise and interest in computer science and any of these related areas.

  • Is there an application fee?

No, this program is completely free.

  • When will this program happen?

All of the program activities are planned for Spring 2022. We plan to also offer paid summer research internship opportunities at UW-Madison in Summer 2022, subject to availability of funds.

  • When will I hear back about my application?

We will make decisions and send notifications in early January.

  • What is the overall timeline for this program?

The proposed timeline for the 2020-2021 program is as follows

  • Dec 25, 2021 Applications are due

  • By Jan 15, 2022 Notifications sent to students who have been accepted to the program

  • Jan 20-21, 2022: Kick-off workshop

  • Feb 1-May 15, 2022: Spring semester events including peer mentoring, faculty mentoring, social events, etc.

  • May 15-Aug 15 2022: Summer internships

  • Mid-Aug 2022: Closing workshop

  • Will participating in this program increase my chances of getting admitted to graduate school?

While we cannot guarantee admission to any graduate programs, we note that research experience and participation in programs such as this one are generally viewed favorably by graduate admissions committees.

  • Am I guaranteed a paid summer research internship if I get into this program?

All summer research internships positions are paid at the standard student hourly rate, and are subject to the availability of funding by individual faculty or from university/industry sponsors. Our goal is to provide research internship opportunities to all WISCERS fellows, but we cannot guarantee funding for each of the students. We thank Google and School of Computing, Data, and Information Science for providing funding support.

  • Am I guaranteed to be matched with mentors from research area X?

Graduate student and faculty mentors are participating in this program as volunteers. We intend to recruit these mentors from all areas listed in our program description and will make every effort to pair you with mentors from the research area in which you express interest. However, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to pair you with a specific mentor or a specific research area, as this depends on the availability of mentors.

  • Is participation in all the program activities mandatory?

To fully benefit from a program like this one, we expect you to participate in all of the associated activities. However, we understand that you may occasionally need to miss some of the activities due to other academic or personal commitments.

  • How many students will be accepted into this program?

We plan to have a cohort of around 20 students.

  • If I am not a student from UW-Madison can I still apply?

The program will have in-person events at UW-Madison pending local health guidelines. Thus we encourage applications from students from the Madison/Milwaukee areas but might be able to accommodate students from other parts of Wisconsin as well.

Have More Questions?

Contact wiscers@cs.wisc.edu for more information about the WISCERS program and the application process.